My Tastefully Simple Party is still open

My Tastefully Simple Party is still open (til Friday morning). Contact me directly if you’d like to order & I’ll forward the info.

Theme for 2011?

I want to organize my business (taking note of other people’s ideas), my office, my brain too; I have so many things going on in different areas of my life that it’s hard to keep them all straight. I need to find some way to focus on what’s important to me—ok, there it is: find out what is important and put my energy into that. So what if I make my theme something along the lines of “self-discovery,” although you would think by now I would already know a little more about myself.
Advance? Move forward, progress, innovate? That sounds like where I want to go with a theme for 2011; positive, forward motion in my life toward a goal—although that is another thing (among many) that I need to write down.
Generate? The first 2 definitions sound like what I’m looking for—1. Create something; 2. Produce energy. So that word “generate,” doesn’t sound that great. It actually sounds lame until you look at the 2 definitions that come up, because that’s what I want to do; although in a different order. Produce energy, and then create something (with that energy).
So that will be my theme, my mantra for the coming year–Generate!

Already the 14th of December? This year, this life is moving so quickly! I’ve got to stop making plans and start living them out.

Learning to crawl

OK, so I’m reading up on how to “blog” now. Guess I’m the type of person who has to know everything before I really start something though; so here are my first baby steps!

Hello world!

So it starts here!

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